ABO Certified Orthodontist in Florida

Whether you would like to straighten teeth, improve your ability to chew, or help alleviate overcrowding in the mouth, we can help. Are you looking for a qualified orthodontist in Brandon or the surrounding areas of Florida? At Busciglio Smiles, we can help you achieve a terrific, dazzling smile that will give you the confidence you have been hoping for.

Our dentist and orthodontist, Dr. Derek Busciglio, is ABO certified, which requires more extensive training and testing than the minimum required for a state license. He, along with our friendly, professional staff, can provide you and your family with quality orthodontic services throughout your lives.

What Is Orthodontics?

The dental specialty of orthodontics deals with “malocclusions,” which is a broad term referring to misalignments of the teeth and bite. Orthodontists are dentists with additional training in correcting these problems. Orthodontic treatments can range from non-invasive treatments such as Invisalign clear aligners to jaw surgery to correct severe issues with biting and chewing.

An orthodontist is a dentist who has had additional special training in orthodontics beyond general dentistry, which is primarily concerned with dental hygiene and basic tooth conditions such as cavities. The additional training in orthodontics may take three to five years to complete beyond general dental school.

Dr. Derek Busciglio, ABO Board Certified Orthodontist

Orthodontist Dr. Derek Busciglio is board certified with the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). ABO certification is not required by the state, but is a voluntary certification. Obtaining ABO certification is a very rigorous process that is far above and beyond the requirements for state licensure.

To pass the board, additional education, testing, and assessments are required that show a dedication to high standards of orthodontic practice. The orthodontist must also complete a CODA accredited orthodontic program as well as an accredited residency of two to three years. It is a great achievement to receive ABO certification – only about 20% of orthodontists are ABO certified.

Featured Services

Busciglio Smiles offers the latest orthodontics treatments and technologies for
the whole family, from childhood through adulthood. Our treatments include:

Modern & Contemporary Offices

Busciglio Smiles offers modern, comfortable offices in three convenient Florida locations: Brandon, Plant City, and Fishhawk, which are easily accessible and offer ample parking. All of our offices are up-to-date and compliant with coronavirus social distancing guidelines and best practices.

Virtual Orthodontics Consultation

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have offered a new virtual consultation service via a convenient mobile app if you would like to get an expert opinion without coming into our offices. Of course, we cannot provide a full orthodontic evaluation over the Internet, but our virtual visit mobile app makes it easy for you to connect with us, so give it a try! Virtual appointments are also a great option for our Invisalign patients. In fact, we can often do every other appointment during your Invisalign treatment virtually!

Orthodontics for Children

Early orthodontic treatment for children is often the best way to prevent more problems down the line. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should have their first orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven.

This is the best age to evaluate children, as typically the front four adult teeth have come in on both the upper and lower jaw. Permanent molars may have also appeared. By evaluating children at this age, Dr. Busciglio can identify any potential issues or future problems. Sometimes, spacers may be used to make sure that there is enough room for the rest of the adult teeth to appear.

Once the adult teeth have appeared, a child may be a candidate for braces, or if a teenager, Invisalign clear aligners. We offer traditional metal braces as well as ceramic and self-ligated braces. Metal and ceramic braces can be customized with colored elastic bands of your child’s choosing, which is quite popular with kids these days and makes the treatment more appealing.

Orthodontics for Adults

It’s never too late to straighten your teeth and get the ideal smile you’ve always wanted! In addition to helping children, Busciglio Smiles also specializes in orthodontics for adults.

With modern orthodontics technologies, we can help adults achieve the same great results that we can achieve with children and teens. We also offer popular translucent or tooth-colored ceramic braces and Invisalign clear aligners that can blend in with your teeth.

Retainers for Life

Our Retainers for Life program is an affordable solution for keeping you or your child’s smile straight and beautiful after orthodontic treatment! It works in the following way:

  • Patients pay a one-time fee to join of $450 (through July 31st)
  • Replacement retainers are created as needed (up to 4 sets a year)
  • Only requires a quick digital scan in our office ($25 per arch scan fee)

Both new and existing patients are eligible to join the Retainers for Life program. At Busciglio Smiles, we want to make maintaining a straight smile as convenient as possible for our patients. Talk to a member of our staff today to sign up or for more information!

*Program details subject to change. Does not include revisions. Account must be current or paid in full. ADA codes 8703 (upper) and 8704 (lower).

State-of-the-Art Orthodontic Technologies in Florida

The best orthodontists keep up with the latest in orthodontic technologies. Some of the high-tech tools we use include a dental CBCT scanner and iTero imaging machine to create 3D digital impressions. We also offer VPro+, a high frequency vibration device that can speed up orthodontic treatments while strengthening your bones.

Quality Orthodontics in Brandon, Florida

No matter what your orthodontic needs, Busciglio Smiles can help you and your children obtain a healthy, winning smile. Our friendly and professional staff is here to help answer your questions and get you started. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Very nice. Dr Busciglio was very personable and professional with an excellent bedside manner. The Brandon location was very clean and well-equipped with super nice staffing. They were able to accommodate us coming from out of town. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!”
Terry M.

At Busciglio Smiles, we offer a variety of quality orthodontic treatments for residents of Brandon, Florida.

For more information and a free consultation, contact us today.

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