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Seeing a dentist early in life will set your child up to have healthier teeth and gums throughout their life. Receiving care from a pediatric dentist is essential for your child’s health and wellness. Regular dental visits will help prevent dental decay and gum disease. Oftentimes, seeing a dentist at an early age sets a foundation for healthier dentition as your child grows to adulthood.

Comprehensive Oral Examinations for Kids in Brandon FL

How Our Florida Pediatric Dentist Serves Your Child’s Dental Needs

Dr. Busciglio and his team provide the following services for our pediatric patients.

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Comprehensive Oral Examinations

We recommend an examination every six months. The reason for this is that it helps us find and address dental issues early. For example, if we catch a cavity early, it may be shallow enough that we don’t even have to anesthetize your child to treat it.

Similarly, regular examinations help us monitor for indications of gum disease. We can also evaluate whether your child has any alignment issues that require orthodontic treatment. These exams will also help your child get to know their dental team and develop trust that can reduce dental anxiety.

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Dental Cleanings

Pediatric dental cleanings prevent dental decay and gum disease. We remove plaque and tartar build-up, as well as provide a fluoride treatment and oral hygiene instructions. We recommend our pediatric patients see us twice a year for dental cleanings.

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Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is real. We understand that and do our best to ensure your child’s comfort. When necessary, we use nitrous oxide to help keep our patients calm during restorative procedures.

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Restorative Treatments

Decay happens. Thankfully, we can treat it!
We provide the following restorative services to treat dental decay and restore tooth structure:

- Dental fillings
- Dental crowns
- Pediatric root canals

Brandon Florida Restorative Dental Treatments for Kids
Preventative Pediatric Dental Treatment in Brandon Florida
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Preventative Dental Treatments

It’s our goal to help your child avoid potentially painful dental issues. Besides offering children’s dental cleanings, our team also provides dental sealant services. Dental sealants fill in the deep crevasses in the back teeth, areas that can be hard for kids to keep clean. By filling these areas in, we prevent food and plaque build-up in the biting surfaces of the teeth, thereby reducing your child’s risk of getting cavities.

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Habit-Breaking Appliances

One of the worst habits a child can have is thumb sucking. Most kids do it automatically and it’s a hard habit for parents to break. However, breaking this habit is essential to the structure and alignment of your child’s teeth and jaw. To help parents break their kids of this habit, we provide appliances that can put an end to your child’s thumb sucking.

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Dental Space Maintainers

Baby teeth act as natural space maintainers, helping to guide adult teeth into their proper spot in the mouth. Unfortunately, sometimes children lose a baby tooth before their permanent tooth is ready to come into their mouth. When you lose a tooth, it’s the natural reaction of adjacent teeth to shift to fill that space. That can cause major problems that often require extractions or orthodontia to fix. Thankfully, we have a solution! If your child loses a tooth before they’re supposed to, we can insert a space maintainer. The process is painless and fast, but the benefits are enormous.

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Emergency Dentistry

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a child in pain. While we do all we can to prevent conditions that can result in pain (like dental decay, gum disease, and infections), sometimes life just happens, and a child ends up with a dental emergency. Our team of pediatric dentists in Brandon, FL is ready to help your child. We’re well-trained to diagnose and treat:

- Toothaches
- Soft tissue cuts/bites
- A knocked-out tooth (primary or permanent)
- Chipped or fractured teeth
- Dental infections and abscesses
- Possible broken jaw

Brandon FL Pediatric Emergency Dentistry
Pediatric Dentist in Brandon FL

Serving Kids of All Ages and All Needs

We love all children and look forward to helping our pediatric patients maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dr. Busciglio sees children as early as their first birthday, as recommended by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. We also gladly accept children with developmental delays or other special needs. Our team is well-trained in serving children of all ages and needs.

We treat kids with patience, kindness, and compassion. Our team understands that going to the dentist can be scary at first, which is why we do everything in our power to make your child feel comfortable.

Being able to help kids keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong is one of our highest priorities – so is keeping them happy, calm, and comfortable.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Very nice. Dr Busciglio was very personable and professional with an excellent bedside manner. The Brandon location was very clean and well-equipped with super nice staffing. They were able to accommodate us coming from out of town. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!”

Terry M.

Give your kids the best chance at a lifetime of healthy teeth!

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