Pediatric Special Needs Dentist in Brandon, Florida

We go above and beyond to make sure every single child feels safe, secure, and happy in our pediatric dental office. The dental office can be scary to little ones, but particularly so for children with developmental disabilities and special needs.

The sights, sounds, and smells can make some children feel uncomfortable, as can being around adults that they don’t know very well. We love our pediatric patients and want to help them love going to the dentist. That’s why our team takes extra steps to make sure every child feels comfortable during their appointment.

Florida Special Needs Dentist: It Starts with a Well-Trained Dental Team

Every person in Dr. Derek Busciglio’s practice has received special training that helps us keep children happy and calm.

Our team is positive, compassionate, and thoroughly enjoys working with kids of all ages and abilities. Children receive a warm welcome when they visit us. They know we’re happy to see them and that we’ll take the time to develop a relationship with them so that we can anticipate their needs.

Steps We Take to Keep Your Child Happy and Calm

Here are just a few of the things we do to ensure your child’s visits with us are a positive experience.

We Don’t Rush Through Appointments
We don’t pack our schedule so full that there’s no breathing room. We understand that some kids need extra TLC and that requires extra time. Our team is ready to give them that time. Dr. Busciglio takes his time and checks in regularly with his patients to see if they’re still comfortable or if they need to take a break.

We Reduce Triggers
Lights, loud sounds, and certain smells can trigger kids with special needs. If you have a special needs child, we invite you to share their triggers with us. Doing so will help us eliminate as many as possible during their appointment or find alternatives (sunglasses, earbuds/earphones) that can put them at ease.

Calming Dental Environment
We believe in fun, but we don’t believe in chaos. It doesn’t do anyone any good to work in a chaotic environment. None of us would want to be in that type of environment during a medical or dental appointment, so we would never put our own patients through that type of experience.A lot of time and effort has been put into creating a soothing, inviting environment for our pediatric patients and their families.

Providing Specialized Dental Home Care Tips

Teaching any child about proper home care and enforcing it can be challenging. As a parent to a special needs child, you have unique challenges. Depending on your child’s abilities, being able to practice – let alone teach – good home care habits can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

Dr. Busciglio and his team are big on patient education. We know that the more tools and information we can give you, the better chance you and your child have of preventing dental decay and gum disease.

When you bring your child in for their dental visit, we’ll review home care tips that are catered to your child’s needs. We’ll recommend certain techniques and helpful tools, such as:

– Mouth props
– Oral swabs (to help distribute fluoride or mouth rinse)
– Toothbrush adaptors
– Floss aides

It’s Not Just a Dental Visit – It’s Comprehensive Care for Each Unique Child

Your child isn’t just a number and our operatories aren’t part of a dental assembly line. Our goal isn’t to get kids in and out in record time. Rather, we recognize the value of time and realize it’s a gift that’s not always shared. Our team will take the time to get to know you, your child, and their needs. We’ll work hard to earn your child’s trust and help make them as comfortable as possible as we provide high-quality, comprehensive dental care.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“Very nice. Dr Busciglio was very personable and professional with an excellent bedside manner. The Brandon location was very clean and well-equipped with super nice staffing. They were able to accommodate us coming from out of town. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!”
Terry M.

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